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Can I buy or to make Original Song, Any Song Tracks, Composition Music, Lyrics, Remixed Songs e.t.c from You?

Of course, you can, just contact us and get the quotation for the same.

Will you be publishing my songs on your Website or YouTube Channel ?

Absolutely, there are different charges for both publishing as well as producing remixed songs; once you complete the specified payment we will upload it on the site.

Can we download & read trendy and latest songs & news from

Yes, as our site is updated with all the latest and trending songs so you can just click on the link and download your favourite tracks.

Do you take party bookings and provide DJ for the same?

Sorry but we don’t take any bookings for any event, but you can give us a list of songs which you want to be played at the event; we can remix and give it to you which you can use it.

How much will I be charged for a booking? The prices are custom made for different inquiries. Once you get in touch with us we will send you a detailed quotation regarding the same.